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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Arturo's Uptown Italiano

1180 Uptown Park Blvd.

From the owner's of Beso comes Arturo's. It looks like a Dallas restauarant. That is, it fits perfectly in Uptown Park's faux world. Everything looks just so perfect. It must have been done by an interior designer who buys posters for their colors rather than for their meaning. The decor will impress the same people who have magnificently designed rooms with no art on the walls save those purchased from a poster shop.

The food... Rekha had the ravioli. Dry. I had the seafood stew like dish. Fantastic. Full of flavor and seafood. They have a version with pasta, which I ordered. The waiter got it wrong and forgot the pasta. He tried to make it up by bringing out some angel-hair doused in olive oil. Really quite awful. But I'll come back for that dish and hope that the wait service gets better.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Eleven - Portugal

Overlooking Lisbon'd largest park is Restaurante Eleven. It's a restaurant with aspirations like the French Laundry or Tru's. It has earned Lisbon her first Michelin star and is led by Joachim Koerper.

The views are stunning and the food is often inventive, but we have grown immune to foam and multi-course meals. Eleven was good but not great. If only the entire meal had the energy and novelty of their cappucino chestnut.

Chestnut Cappucino

Instead, this El Bulli trained chef gave us such tried and true treats such as the langoustine.

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