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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fish City Grill

Sugar Land Town Square

This posting uses simple sentences: it matches the restaurant.

I've eaten here twice. Prices are reasonable. The ambiance is relaxed. Service is good. This is a chain.

They have daily specials on the blackboard. Specials usually include salmon and cost about $12. Ignore the specials.

Eat the po-boy. I like the fried crawfish po-boy. It is yummy. Not s*** your pants yummy, but yummy. The breading is cornmeal. The bread tastes like it came from Three Brothers Bakery--chewy and tasty. For an extra dollar, you can get a side of the gumbo. It comes with okra. I like okra in gumbo. Okra gives gumbo good texture.

Fish City Grill is good for lunch. Eat there. Be happy. Drink Iced Tea.


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