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Friday, March 16, 2007

Wild Ginger

2735 N Town Center Blvd

Wild Ginger's business card says that they have sushi, satay and pho. I didn't see any sushi, but did see the satay and pho on the menu. The menu is a bit Chinese, a bit Thai, and a bit Vietnamese.

I had the pho. It came with basil and bean sprouts. The pho tasted okay. There are so many better places to eat pho, it's not worth the visit to Wild Ginger to eat pho.

On the other hand, Rekha had the very good, if slightly too sweet, lemon-grass chicken. Tender pieces of chicken, button mushroom and other vegetables are drowned in a golden lemongrass sauce. Quite good for lunch and a good bargain at $6.



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