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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse

12710 S.W. Freeway, Stafford, TX

I usually don't eat steak for lunch, but today is close enough to Christmas, that it was an exception. Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse is an outpost of the Amarillo legend. Out in the parking lot graze half the SUV's in Stafford. Inside, wood and country rustic prevail--though our waiter was a nice Asian guy.

I'm sure there is more stuff on the menu that I should try, but I made the mistake of trying the TXLC Smoked Sirloin. It is absolutely fantastic--so I won't try anything else on subsequent visits!!!! Crusted with black pepper and sliced about a quarter an inch, I cut this steak with a fork. Perfectly red outside, the flavors were incredible. The sirloin made this review perfectly impossible since I can barely remember anything but the sirloin.

And the kicker? It's $10 at lunch for 8 ounces...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mak Chin's

1511 Shepherd Dr

I'm always suspicious of Chinese restaurants in non-Asian communities. Too often, the result is a trite regurgitation of every other Chinese restaurant. Mak Chin is different. This hip joint has a Tuesday busy lounge in the back serving up drinks, televisions and comfort. In front, the restaurant thankfully keeps the menu simple and the modern Asian look the same.

We had the off-the-menu fish lightly battered, fried, and drowned in a spicy and sweet sauce. The fish tasted tender and the sauce well balanced. We also tried the Schezuan Shrimp. It wasn't anywhere near as interesting.

If you live in the neighborhood, give it a tray. It might be a good alternative to Pei Wei.


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