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Monday, April 30, 2007


250 W 19th St.

I thought I had reviewed Shade before, but I haven't. This restaurant in the heights is a pretty good neighborhood joint. It is beautiful modern restaurant with soft light colors minimal decoration and maximum attention to detail.

We usually have brunch here and start with the large plate of pastries. These warm goodies don't last long on our table and I'm always tempted to order another round. But at $12 for a large plate, it is a little pricey--like the rest of the menu.

I've tried the burger, challah french toast, and southern fried chicken breast. All are well thought-out classics that are modernized, streamlined and carefully prepared. The burger comes thick, moist and juicy. The french toast is chewy, fragrant and tasty. The chicken breast is thinly-crusted, evenly-cooked, and healthy for something fried.

Shade is one of those restaurans you go to for clean tastes, a local feel, and upscale uppitiness. It's run by Claire Smith who used to own Daily Review Cafe (sold in 2000). Her love for fresh ingredients and careful preparation have won me over--despite the lack of innovative flavors.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fish City Grill

Sugar Land Town Square

This posting uses simple sentences: it matches the restaurant.

I've eaten here twice. Prices are reasonable. The ambiance is relaxed. Service is good. This is a chain.

They have daily specials on the blackboard. Specials usually include salmon and cost about $12. Ignore the specials.

Eat the po-boy. I like the fried crawfish po-boy. It is yummy. Not s*** your pants yummy, but yummy. The breading is cornmeal. The bread tastes like it came from Three Brothers Bakery--chewy and tasty. For an extra dollar, you can get a side of the gumbo. It comes with okra. I like okra in gumbo. Okra gives gumbo good texture.

Fish City Grill is good for lunch. Eat there. Be happy. Drink Iced Tea.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

House in the Heights

1400 Allston Road

House in the Heights is... (wait for it)... a house in the heights. A chef named Patrick Zone runs this very cute restaurant. This is the second iteration of the restaurant. It opened at its current location in early 2006. Walking into the house is like walking into an old Heights family house, replete with mirrors, dark woods, knickknacks and a maze of rooms.

Patrick doesn't take walk-ins: You must make reservations. When we arrived at 8:30 Friday night, we were the only guests. Normally, being the only guests at a restaurant is a bad thing. Not here. Here, fewer guests means more interaction with Patrick as he cooks, waits on the table, and provides witty banter in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. It's so relaxed and inviting, my sister Judy kept wondering if we should ask Patrick if he needed help plating the dishes, washing cups, or anything else you might offer when visiting a friend's house.

There is no menu. All meals start with the incredible bread. It's filled with herbs, and topped with a bit of parmesan on top. Patrick only makes the bread after you arrive, so it comes out hot and with a large plate of olive oil, vinegar, and chopped herbs. Ohhhhhh sooooooo gooooooooodd. (Yes, that's right, I wrote an entire paragraph about bread!!!! Eat, and you'll understand.)

Next comes the soup. This time, he had blue crab and corn chowder soup. Usually, such dishes come with only tiny bits of crab drwoning in a sea of soup. Patrick adds actual lumps of crab. Quite tasty.

Then comes the salad. The salad is large enough to be a meal. It was a spinach salad with rasberry vinagrette. Very good, but problematic because we were pretty full already.

Finally, the main course comes. Friday evening we had three choices. Pork loin with sweet potato mash, mahi mahi covered with sunflower seeds and dressed with a fruit compote, and chicken stuffed with something or other with sides of hot house tomato prepared in a way that infuses the tomato with qutie a lot of flavor. Patrick will be so disappointed that I totally screwed up the descriptions. When he describes the dishes to you, it sort of makes your mouth water. I had the fish. It was good, but by the time it came out, I was already pretty full and so didn't enjoy it as much as the previous dishes. The pork chop had a lot of flavor, though I prefer it a bit more rare.

House in the Heights is a fantastic experience. You can copy our night completely by making reservations here 45 minutes after sunset. Before dinner, go to the Quaker House. Quaker House is, as its name implies, a house where the local Quaker community in Houston worships. There, watch the sun set through the hole cut in its roof. It's a moving experience, though the first few minutes are spent trying to calm the mind and allow the setting light to move your senses.

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