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Monday, June 11, 2007

Catalan (Dessert)!

5555 Washington Avenue

I wrote last time that Catalan's dessert was "quite a letdown." I've changed my mind: they have changed their pastry chef. Julie Hewitt, the new pastry chef has only one thing left from the old menu, the banana bread pudding. From what I've tasted of her new menu, she should get rid of that dish too and add one of her own.

We tried the peach souffle. It comes very warm on a financier and with a side of excellent icecream. The souffle is light and hot like a normal souffle, but filled with peach flavor. You don't bite into it, but let it oooze into every crevice of your mouth hoping that it lasts forever. Warm, delicate, and perfectly balanced, it melts into nothingness, seemingly never going down your throat.

We also tried the new chocolate tart made with some special delicate salt. Salt enhances chocolate flavors, so the idea is really banal, but the fact that they advertise chocolate and salt deserves kudos. it comes on a crust best described as oreo-cookie-crumble like. So crumbly and good was the crust that I sort of inhaled and had the crust go down the wrong pipe. The chocolate itself is decadent--more fudge-like than mousse-like. With the side of crème fraîche, the dessert transcended the mediocrity of chocolate tart and into some nether-world that a Parisien patisserie might achieve. Sort of like the difference between a chocolate croissant at a Holiday Inn and a pan au chocolat at Laduree.


Anonymous bbn said...

heh :-)

June 17, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. I actually enjoyed many of the old desserts at Catalan. The chocolate trio they used to serve is far superior to the chocolate caramel disaster they are serving now. The crust was more reminiscent of sand filled with entirely too much caramel, where is the chocolate? If you are going to have a chocolate dessert, make it taste like chocolate. The cookies, while good, are nothing more than chocolate chip cookies, no nuts, no secret ingredient, nothing, except a banana milkshake the likes of which I make myself for breakfast sans the ice cream. I have not had the peach souffle or any of the other new desserts but if they are anything like the other "new" desserts I have tried, I never will.

PLEASE bring back the chocolate trio and the nutella crepes!!!

July 25, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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October 22, 2007

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