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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

?? Tofu Restaurant

Bellaire, Behind Sinh Sinh

This place has a good variety of small side dishes, though the flavors need a bit more spice. The kim chee wasn't quite punchy enough. The seasoned mushrooms had a nice tang. The cucumbers had a pretty good spice. The fish tasted fresh.

We ordered a combination. You choose one tofu based hot pot. We had the one with kim chee and beef. Next time, we'll order it extra spicy. It tasted better than Tofu Village, but not as good as some places on Long Point. Rekha also had the BBQ ribs. Again, not quite as good as Tofu Village, but still pretty good.

So this place is pretty good, but individual dishes aren't the best in town. Despite a lack of "best" anything, we'll come back because the combination of beautiful decoration (modern and unique Korean look), good value ($13 for the combo), and pretty good everything, makes this restaurant pretty compelling.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Heights Camphouse Bar-B-Q

2820 White Oak Dr

Rumor has it that cops frequent this barbecue house. When we went, a cop was the only other customer. The restaurant has the feel of a run-down, small-town cafeteria. Almost like someone forgot to tell the owner that they need to make changes after 30 years of deterioration. The atmosphere here reminds me of Biba's, meaning there is no atmosphere.

We had the barbecue ribs and sausage. The ribs were spicy and tender. The sausage was very flavorful and quite good. We had a side of salad with what appears to be homemade and yummy ranch dressing. We also had their famous beans and don't know why they are famous.

Camphouse Bar-B-Q
There isn't enough business at night to make such a run-down joint interesting to frequent at night, but the food is cheap and pretty good--so we'll come for take-out.

NOTES: I Love Art Car Parade

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pollo Campero

5616 Bellaire Blvd

Instead of KFC or Popeyes, try Pollow Campero. Started in Guatemala, this fast food fried chicken joint has spread thoughout Latin America and now the United States. They marinade their chicken and bread it in a way that makes the chicken flavorful, tender and tasty. The fried flavor can best be described as fried in lard--which if you don't know, is a fantastic compliment. The chicken comes out not greasy, but still full of flavor.

You can have your chicken with fries, plantains, or fried rice. The fried rice sucks and the plantains are medioce. Ignore the sides... The real gem here is the chicken. Order the $4 worth of chicken and get gelato at Paciugo's for dessert.

Friday, May 04, 2007


516 Westheimer Road

In writing for my other blog, I realized I hadn't written anything about Indika!!! I've eaten here twice in the last couple of weeks and about half a dozen times over the past year. It's a new restaurant run by an innovative Indian chef. I like the chicken chaat appetizer. In fact I like most of the appetizers. I'll do an in-depth review at some point, but should point out that I really enjoyed their lamb. The cumin, yogurt and chargrilled flavor blended perfectly with the meat.

I'll also point out that this is a swanky bright-windowed space with beautiful saffron colors. The wait staff is friendly--if a bit slow. And the soft warm cookie ending rocks.

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