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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse

12710 S.W. Freeway, Stafford, TX

I usually don't eat steak for lunch, but today is close enough to Christmas, that it was an exception. Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse is an outpost of the Amarillo legend. Out in the parking lot graze half the SUV's in Stafford. Inside, wood and country rustic prevail--though our waiter was a nice Asian guy.

I'm sure there is more stuff on the menu that I should try, but I made the mistake of trying the TXLC Smoked Sirloin. It is absolutely fantastic--so I won't try anything else on subsequent visits!!!! Crusted with black pepper and sliced about a quarter an inch, I cut this steak with a fork. Perfectly red outside, the flavors were incredible. The sirloin made this review perfectly impossible since I can barely remember anything but the sirloin.

And the kicker? It's $10 at lunch for 8 ounces...


Anonymous said...

Funny that the first thing I read on your site is about steak. This afternoon, we had our company luncheon at the Cool River Cafe off of Parmer and Mopac and I had a prime rib that costs about three and a half times more than your serloin, but I can't vouch that it is that many times as enjoyable. Oh well...Ok, I'll cut this one short so that I can check out the rest of your site! Q

December 21, 2006

Anonymous said...

As promised, I'm sending you a few recent verses--of no particular significance in their selection, other than the fact that they are written most recently.

Death on my shoulder laid its hand
And like a jolt I cry
As breathlessly as when she passed—
Forever changed am I,
A leaf once verdant in the wind
And windward mused to fall—
Of branchless space where butterflies
And dandelions stall,
Untouched they seem, but seemingly
For just an instant held—
Her passing is this interlude,
But she’s indelible.


One rose have I to offer thee,
A blossom of the spring,
A bloom of nothing you might say
Except for curves within

Like us, a contradiction, love,
A body in dissent—
Desiring is all it is
Of being radiant.


Frost is the white Assassin,
His method—to allure—
We catch each snowflake with our eyes
Until the eyes turn pearl—

Translucent like amnesia
We could not blink to die—
Beauty claims us in monochrome
By vitreous demise.


Exuberance is when the bud
Forgo the need to clench
And let what may precipitate
Into its velvet trench.

I thought I might provide a hint of the impetus for these poems, but this may be too long already. Q

December 21, 2006

Anonymous said...

See if my blog works: www.qngo.blogspot.com

December 22, 2006

speedwell said...

I'm a vegetarian and I highly recommend this restaurant! The first time I went there (with a bunch of steak eaters and expecting to be miserable), I had a huge sweet potato and two more really good vegetable sides and left absolutely stuffed. Steak places are often paradoxically good places for vegetarians.

January 04, 2007

Huan said...


Rekha says Fogo de Chao has the best salad bar in houston.

January 23, 2007


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