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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rejoice Chocolate

After lunch at China Bear, I joined Rekha, her sister and husband at EatZi's Market & Bakery on Post Oak Blvd. I enjoyed an Orangina and some New Tree chocolate. These chocolates are intriguingly designed by "chocolatiers, nutritionists, and biochemists." Even at over $4 a bar, I thought a new chocolate experience might be worth the insane price. The Rejoice style I chose contains orange and crisped rice. I thought it might taste like a sophisticated Nestle Crunch bar. I was right about the depth and wrong about the enjoyment. Rejoice did taste like a sophisticated Nestle Crunch. It had more depth of flavor (problably helped by the extracts of lime blossoms in the ingredients). Unfortunately, it tasted too sophisticated--losing some of the chocolate taste in the translation.

Once again, a beautiful package tricked me into spending money. Stick with Nestle Crunch. It tastes better and you can get four of those for the price of a single Rejoice. Too bad. I like the concept of these chocolates. I like it so much, that I'll probably try one of their dark chocolate flavors next time. How can you resist the flavor names: Pleasure, Renew, Vigor or Forgiveness?

New Tree's Rejoice Chocolate


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