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Monday, April 18, 2005

Arby's (S. Shephard)

Today, I left work early to attend a reception for Yoshio Tanagichi who did the redesign of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Asia Society has hired him to design the Asia House in Houston. The guy looks perfectly chic and surprisingly athletic for such a slim man. The Omni Hotel hosted the reception in their Green Room where the relentless hotel staff pushed hors d'ouevres on us with reckless abandon. Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, salmon or cracker, uninspired eggrolls, and the ubiquitous grilled chicken-on-a-stick. I tried none of of the food, instead using the act of getting food as a shield to get away from conversation. I also used the Perrier at the open bar for the same absconding purposes. Like many food items, I've come to realize I like the idea of Perrier (high quality, carbonated, natural drink) better than the actual product. Put some of that stuff in a glass and I'll ask for lemon or lime to spice it up every time.

So I went to Arby's for dinner. More accurately, I went through Arby's drive-through on S. Shephard to get an Arby's regular roast beef sandwich. It cost $2.35. Excellent value considering the Omni just took $6 for parking. The Arby's guy who took the order actually asked me if I wanted the Arby's sauce. You mean it doesn't come with the sandwich!!!! What's the point of an Arby's meal without the Arby's sauce? When I came home to open up the sandwich bag, I noticed the smell of boiled meat--not a good sign. I slathered on the Arby's sauch (original according to the label) and took a bite. It was as if I got the microwave dinner version of an Arby's sandwich. Where was the Arby's sauce punch on the sandwich? Where was the falling-out-of-the-sandwich meat? Where was the salty flavor I remembered from Lufkin? Each bite seemed like a prelude to what would be the Arby's taste I know and love--it never came. Alas, the regular roast beef at Houston Arby's is the lame cousin to the Lufkin Arby's. Next time, I'll have to order the Big Montana or Giant Roast Beef.

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