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Friday, April 22, 2005

Brookstreet BBQ

The usual lunch crew and some newbies made it out to Brookstreet Bar.B.Q. on Highway 6 out in Sugar Land. It's probaby the second best barbecue I go to outside of Goode Company. Brookstreet serves a sometimes good and sometimes dry pulled pork plate. On days they have it as a special (seemingly most of the week), it will cost you just $7.95 for a drink, two sides and some pulled pork. I usually get the soggy and sweet yam and the dry jambalaya. I ended my dry pulled pork lunch with the usual less-than-frozen icecream. Why do I keep coming back? Because even bad pulled pork is still pulled pork.

They also have the usual sliced beef (again inconsistent) and chicken. But why go out to Sugar Land if you're just going to get something that's better at Goode Company?


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