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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

California Pizza Kitchen

Went to the California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) with Rekha today. I haven't been there in so long, I forgot how stuck in the 1980's it looked and how big the interior was. We ordered the Sicilian pizza--extra crispy with a CPK Chef Salad smothered in blue cheese. Blue cheese should smell bad, hit you in the nose like your dirty socks, and otherwise make you want to gag. The blue-chees dressing had none of those mold qualities. I don't know if it was a Stilton or Gorgonzola but it lacked umphhh.

On the other hand, the pizza blew us away. Almost a cracker for a crust, it had that pizza oven smell of boiled cheese. It had Canadian bacon and bits of basil. Overall, a very satisfying meal. I don't understand all you people who like the American pizza--thick crust and loaded with cheese. How can you taste anything over the grease and the dough?

Pauline Kenny wrote in Slow Travel Italy that:
Pizza in Rome has a thin crust and not much cheese. You will not find as many toppings as we are used to in the US. The pizzas are lighter and simpler. Rome pizza is my favorite pizza. You can find this style of pizza in other parts of Italy too - I have had similar pizza in Tuscany and in Liguria.
I agree one-hundred percent. pizza shouldn't feel like a used tire in your stomach. It should refresh your vitality and your taste-buds. For those searching for the perfect pizza see what the Italian government thinks is a perfect Neopolitan pizza. The Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Politics thinks that a pizza should have a crust no thicker than 0.75 inches and a center no thicker than 0.1 inches. Go Italy!!! Are you listening Pizza Hut?


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