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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Schlotzky's (Sugar Land)

Lunch at Schlotzky's today. I know, you think they're closed all over the place because of the beautiful one that they shut down on Kirby and because of their bankruptcy, but they're still blowing and going at the Sugar Land Location. Out of all the items on the menu, my favorite, what I got today, is the Original. It has a bit of everything from the melted mozarella and cheddar cheeses to the two kinds of salami and ham. This sourdough miracle goes great with Dr. Pepper and cracked black pepper chips.

Although you won't be able to tell because of the frequency with which I eat at franchise restaurants, I actually dislike going to them. Their only saving grace is the consistency of the food between locations. But don't tell my wife that all franchisees are created equal: she has a rating system for every Sonics based primarily on their cherry lime-aid.

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