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Monday, April 17, 2006

Chacho's Mexican Restaurant

I'm not even going to put an address on this thing they call a restaurant. It's more of a way to get sick in the stomach for not a lot of money. There is a sign in the parking lot telling everyone not to play the music too loud. The sign hints at what this restaurant is designed for: giving party-going folks a quick caloric hit after a night on the town.

This is a fast-food restaurant that serves a mean margarita. Every table we saw had a margarita. We, unfortunately, came for the food. I ordered nachose, two different kinds of tacos, and some other greasy thing. It all tasted exactly the same. Meat drenched in lard and bad cheese.

If you're forced to go here, try the margarita, get some chips, and avoid the food.


MM said...

but its still kinda cheap to feed like at least 3 ppl from their nacho plate, i think its ok but my bf loves it, i dont really think their ritas are all that, but i do love their watermelon juice

June 23, 2006

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