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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thai Spice Express!

8282 Bellaire Blvd

There is more than one location for this restaurant, but try the one on Bellaire. I'm told it's the only one with real Thai cooks. One really nice thing about the menu here is that there are pictures of the food behind the counter. I had the soup with the seafood in a pink broth. It's a slightly sweet, slightly soure, nicely balanced soup that doesn't quite fill you up for lunch. Followed by the sticky rice with the egg custard, it's the perfect amount of food.

The other night, Rekha and I tried the fried whole fish, the beef with beans (I forgot what it was called), and the very very spicy tom yum soup. It felt like an excellent meal made at home by a nice Thai family. We followed with Che Thai, a mixture of coconut milk, jellies, and fruit. It's the best we've had anywhere in the city.

The ambiance is fast food mixed with an ethnic flavor. But ignore the ambiance and go for the food.


arada said...

It's actually called Thai Spice Express (thus the fast food feel -- it's supposed to be that way). We love this place. Not only is it fast and yummy, it's so easy on the wallet!! I think my husband had that same soup you had, and loved it too.

February 18, 2006

Huan said...

thanks for the name. i've changed it in the post. any other thai restaurant I should try?

February 20, 2006

arada said...

hmmm... there are about 60 thai restaurants in Houston, if you can believe it! I haven't tried more than a handful, and I tend to go for the places that have "real" (authentic, unique, not Americanized) thai dishes.
Erawan Authentic Thai Cuisine at 5161 San Felipe St is good but dinner can be on the pricey side.
Thai Gourmet at 6324 Richmond Ave also has some unique dishes. Try their Khao Soi curry noodle dish if they still have it.
I've heard raves about Kanomwan at 736 Telephone Rd but have yet to try them out.

February 22, 2006

Anonymous said...

Kanomwan is fantastic, but you want to be sure and check that the "Thai Nazi" hasn't made his annual trek back home to Thailand before you head out...

February 27, 2006

Huan said...

Where is Kanomwan and what should I order?

February 28, 2006

arada said...

Kanomwan is in the SE area: 736 Telephone Rd, 77023/ 713.923.4230.
Unfortunately I haven't made it out there myself yet in the 8 yrs that I've lived there so I can't suggest dishes, but there are lots mentioned on b4-U-eat:

March 12, 2006

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Anonymous said...

Try Thai Corner behind Sinh Sinh. Great authentic Thai food and good service. Some suggestions: their fried fish, papaya salad, fried tofu

July 13, 2007


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