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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sinh Sinh !

9788 Bellaire Blvd

Despite all the discussion about Sinh Sinh on this website, there has not been a single review of the restaurant. So our entire family went yesterday, and I thought now would be a good time for the review.

Sinh Sinh is located just inside the Beltway on Bellaire. It's hard to miss and incredibly popular. This is actually the third iteration of the restaurant. One of their first restaurants was located about a mile East and served mostly noodles. This Sinh Sinh serves up an amazing variety of dishes. Here you can get a simple bowl of noodles, or a seafood extravaganza.

I don't really come here for anything other than the hot pot. When you order, remember that the suggested serving size assumes a big appetite. So, for example, we order a hot pot for six when there are eight people. We also add the egg noodle for some extra carbohydrates.

A hot pot is, as its name implies, a pot of boiling broth set on top of a table-top stove. The stove is usually unbearably dirty, but you're not eating off the stove, so try to ignore the filthy spectacle. Inside the pot are two sides, one spicy and one not so spicy. With the hot pot comes raw vegetables, noodles and raw seafood/meat. Your job is to dump the meat, vegetables or seafood into the broth and make your own soup.

Some things to know:

1. Crack the egg over the hot pot. We like to put just the whites in the broth and put the raw yolk in the red chili paste they give you. The chili (combined with the yolk) is to be added sparingly to your individual bowl.

2. Cook the squid first, it takes a long time. Cook the beef last, it takes no time at all.

3. I wouldn't put the noodles in the hot pot itself to cook. When you put the hot water into a bowl already filled with noodles, the hot liquid will nicely warm the noodles.

4. Don't leave the ladle in the hot pot. For some stupid reason, all the ladles are made entirely of metal (including the handles) and they get incredibly hot.

5. If you order the special seafood hotpot, know that the shrimp come alive and on skewers. These shrimp are very sweet and very yummy, but it will freak out a few of you.

Hot pot is fantastic in cold weather like we have been having. Ask your difficult to capture waiter how to eat it if you're unsure. This experience will take you to another level of culinary adventure. Drop a line if you need help.



Anonymous Someone said...

Dude I was like looking for houston food on the internet for some stpuid History project and this is like so wierd...So you basiclly go to restruants and take your Godgiven time to write everysingle detail on the web? Do you get paid to do this? If so please tell so I can become one..lol...gosh that wasnt even funny...have you noticed that most people put lol but they arent really laughing? Well anyways at least I dont. Well have fun eating stuff...have you ever tried frog legs? A long time ago when I used to live in Houston I went to Galleria and ate some. It tasted like chicken, but doesnt everything taste like chicken? Well anyways...no thank you I'll stick to pizza at Mr. Gattis.

~ Someone who you will probably never see~

By the way your name is wierd, is it supposed to be Huan like an Asian name or Juan like a Mexican name?? GO MEXICANS!

May 17, 2006

Anonymous MM said...

i havnt ate hot pot at sinh sinh, i mostly go to tan tan, do u think this is better than tan tan?

June 23, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family went to Sinh Sinh last week but we can't believe the service. The waiter recommended to order seafood but we don't like it. You know what happened. The waiter get mad to me and he never come back the table. But when we finish, we ask to get back the birthday cake. He ask : Do you want to eat here or take home ?

He doesn't want us to ask him nothing but worry about tips. UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE. I think SINH SINH ONLY FOR RICH PEOPLE.

August 29, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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March 01, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been going to Sinh Sinh for years. The food is delicious. The fried imperial rolls, fried pork and egg, black sizzling steak are some of the best non-seafood dishes the restaurant offers. It is definitely better than Tan Tan. The food is more authentic. The service on the other hand sucks unless you are of Chinese origin or rich. The waiters and waitresses discriminate against the non-Chinese customers. Even when the restaurant is practically empty, we normally wait 15-20 minutes before someone comes to our table to take our order. Don't even think you're going to get a refill on your drink. If you're Chinese or rich the same waiter will instantly become your "personal assistant". Why put up with such disrespect? The food. Its what keeps us coming back every time.

July 11, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the service at here is so bad from 1-5 scale. I would give 0. they don't greet the customer at all. When you ask them to refill water or anything they pretend like they don't heard you . I hate this restaurant I would not recommend my friend or family go to this place.

October 30, 2008


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