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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Empire Cafe

1732 Westheimer Road

One of the problems in Houston is our lack of good coffee houses. A place where you can relax, read a book, listen to some music and generally use as your living room. I know there is Agora, Brasil's, Dietrichs, and Starbucks, but they all lack something essential. I don't know what it is, but I know Insomnia in L.A. had it. None of the places I've visited in Houston has "it"

What bothers me most about a Houstonian's vision of a coffee house is that we tend to include a place like Empire Cafe into the mix of "coffee houses." I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but this is a cafe in the best sense of the word--quick food for a meal or for a snack. Empire Cafe is not a coffee house. Heck, they don't even stay open past midnight!!!

So, I'll review Empire Cafe on the basis of what I like. Let's just say I won't be talking about the pasta or pizza here. I'll talk about the cakes that they don't even make in-house. These cakes are delicious.

For about $6 you get a nice large slice of cake that not even your mother could make. They use a lady who specializes in wedding cakes (you'll have to ask since I forgot her name) and she does wonders. Light, not too sweet, full of the flavor that she intends, the cake doesn't taste processed. If you've ever had a cheap cake from Randall's you'll know what I mean by "processed." For example, some people use liberal doses of extract to flavor a coconut cake. Not this lady. she uses coconut shavings to great effect.

And if you're really in the mood to blow your mind, try the strawberry cake. Moist and delicious, Rekha actually likes to call to make sure they have it before we trudge 5 minutes down the road for some. Don't let them trick you into buying a slice that just got out of the freezer though. Cold cake doesn't taste good when the ingredients make such a moist monster.


MM said...

ive been here a couple times and its been awhile the last time i had one of their lunch specials, it was sandwich and a soup, pretty good, i love their italian sodas tho. ny friend say most ppl come here for breakfast and its good

June 23, 2006

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