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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ra Sushi

3908 Westheimer Rd.

Ra Sushi has some very cool red lanterns. Brilliantly located across from the Central Market, this place will surely become another hot spot for fake boobs, fantastic drinks and maybe even some eating. I'm not trying to put it down, I'm actually pretty excited about a place so obviously extroverted. Houston needs places like these to succeed if we're going to get more restaurants like Bank, Bistro Moderne, or Gravitas.

The food? Don't try the Nabeyaki udon. It's not bad, just not good. Do try the very tasty, very inventive Chili Ponzu Yellowtail. The yellowtail were tender nicely sized slices covered with a dried radish, pine nuts and a sprinkling of chili flavor. It comes with a chili ponzu sauce that blends perfectly on the bed of shredded daikon. Very good deal for $12.

We also had the spider handroll. There is a reason it's not on the menu. It sucks.

As with any new restaurant, service is a little spotty. But it's definately worth a revisit, especially as the crowds start to find the place. Just don't let the secret out: Ra is owned by Benihanas.



Julie said...

RA is definitely a place to "be seen," but i have to admit great ambiance and presence. I'd say the service is bad b/c there's so many people there.

Next time try: the fried bananas with chocolate ice cream
the chocolate is so rich and smooth.

April 27, 2006

Huan said...

sounds like a dream. will definately try it.

April 28, 2006

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!

July 08, 2006


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