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Friday, July 29, 2005

Rockfish (Westheimer)

3736 Westheimer Road

When Rekha was training in Dallas, she often went to a restaurant called Rockfish. When I ate there, I enjoyed the large selection of fish and the excellent crab. One opened on Westheimer, just east of Weslayan just a few months ago.

When we went, this Rockfish looked just like the one in Dallas, only smaller. We were seated in the relatively busy dining room near a table full of teenage girls. I looked up at the chalkboard specials to find only a chicken special and a salmon special. I thought maybe the list of seafood would make its appearance on the menu. I was wrong.

Rockfish, the self-proclaimed "seafood grill" barely had any seafood! They had tilapia, salmon, catfish and trout. We tried the overcooked, improperly de-veined shrimp cocktail and felt cheated. $7.50 for 6 small shrimp! I felt better across the street at Smith and Wollensky where we paid $5.00 per huge shrimp. They also had crabcake (painfully devoid of crab--if I remember the Dallas restaurant correctly) and a few other seafood dishes. This seafood grill also serves chicken, ribs and steak.

Rekha had the salad with tuna. The salad came out with overcooked tuna. Do you know how bad it sucks to eat overcooked tuna? I had the catfish po-boy and Boston clam chowder. The po-boy tasted okay. The clam chowder tasted fantastic. It even came with one clam still in the shell!

I wouldn't mind coming here for lunch, but dinner deserves more fabulous food. I respect Rockfish's decision to go down-market, but won't be coming back because of the move. There are just too many Mexican seafood restaurants in the same price range that rock harder.


governorchavez said...

Wow -- pretty sad to read that the Dallas version is better than Houston. Perhaps they felt the Houston market was more laid back and didn't need to push so hard to impress?

I wonder if Rockfish had considered locating in Kemah or Galveston...?

And hey! I went to Baba Yega's last weekend. GREAT food... not so great service. Have you ever been there?

July 29, 2005

Huan said...

Baba Yega's is good food. Many years ago (10?) they used to serve a turkey sandwich with avocado. Service isn't too bad if it's not busy. They have pasta bar at times where I enjoy creating new dishes. Great Houston institution.

July 31, 2005

governor said...

How about Pasha's in the Rice VIllage?

Just went there today and REALLY enjoyed the dolmas & sigara borek. For dessert I had their tel kadayif & some Turkish coffee. A rather light fare... but it really hit the spot!

I used to go to Ephesus on Westheimer, but since they closed, I've been searching for a quality Turkish restuarant. Any suggestions?

July 31, 2005

Huan said...

I like Pasha. I seem to remember a good looking wait staff. I rarely go though, since I'm pretty afraid of trying to find parking there. I don't know why though... I don't mind finding parking at Black Walnut Cafe or Cafe Rabelais.

August 01, 2005

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