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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Annabelle's Diner

905 Taft, Houston, Texas 77019

We wanted to try Scott Tice's new restaurant, Gravitas, but ended up at their neighbor's restaurant, Annabelle's Diner. This is a local diner through and through. The decor is eclectic, but filled with artwork depicting dogs. The wait staff is very sociable, if sometimes slow. Everyone seemed to know someone else at the restaurant.

The food? Well, if you're a local, you probably don't go here for the food. It's bland at best. We ordered the crawfish bisque that tasted like a mixture of chicken stock, cream and crawfish. I had the crawfish etouffe. It comes on a huge plate with lots of etouffe, but not a lot of crawfish. It didn't help that this cajun dish had no cajun zest. I had to add quite a bit of tabasco to give it any flavor.

I highly recommend this place if you have a dog (they let you bring them in) and you're a local yocal. Otherwise, stick with Barnaby's (not great food, but better than Annabelle's).


Val said...

Hey apparently Annabelle's has new owners, I'm going there tonight to check it out. By the way. I completely agree with you about that crawfish bisque. I ordered that as well and I sent it back because it was salt water with a fishy smell to it. Just plain disgusting, my friend sampled it too and couldn't believe something in a restaurant would really taste that bad.

March 24, 2006

Val said...

Went back last night. Food tasted a whole whole lot better. Better seasonings and the bread was delicious. I like the fact that the salad is tossed before they bring it to you. I mean for two nice meals you can't beat 24 bucks in Houston. I think you should give it another shot. I didn't retry the crawfish bisque but if anyone does, lemme know b/c I love that type of soup

March 25, 2006

DrPuma said...

We went during the Art Car Parade in May 2006 and liked it. I think I had some kind of sandwich. The atmosphere and service were more civilized than the typical diner.

June 23, 2006

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July 21, 2006

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