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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Vieng Thai

In a crappy part of town sits a relatively good Thai restaurant--Vieng Thai. It's on Long Point, between Silber and Wirt... sort of north of Ikea. Know before you go that the place looks like crap.

We had the papaya salad dressed with lime and abundant with pungent dried shrimp. Be forewarned that the fish sauce used in Thai cuisine, including this salad, packs quite a punch. We also had the standard Tom Yum Gai, a yummy soup with lemon grass, chicken, mushrooms and herbs. It doesn't quite pack the lime punch I like at other places, but it was a good start to the meal.

We also tried the Thai omelette. Essentially, it's an omelette stuffed with pork and herbs. Somehow, the taste moves beyond omelette and into spectacular. Strangely, the most flavorful dish, the beef curry had the least memorable taste. Oh well.

The dish that put this meal over the edge was the sticky rice with ripe mango. It's mango season and it shows. This dish was so good we almost orded two. Try this dump. You'll either love it or think it's crap. That's okay though. It just means more food for me.


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