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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Napoli's Flying Pizza !

Some reviewers have called Napoli's Flying Pizza the best pizza place in town. I don't doubt the sincerity. I happen to like the place too, but I'm not going to call it the best pizza. There are too many subjective qualities for any pizza to have the label, "best."

Some people, like the four businessmen at the table next to ours, like the thick New York crust pizza. I don't like thick crusts. Some people prefer a lot of cheese. Me? I like a thin crispy crust even if it means a little bit of the burned flavor--so long as the herbs placed on top are fresh and not burned.

Napoli's has a good pizza; however, I won't drive 30 minutes for their pizza. There are just too many other good pizza places more near our house. I will, however, be back for Napoli's Zitti. It's a penne pasta in a deluge of mushroom marinara sauce mixed with a touch of alfredo or bechamel sauce. This sauce is good. the white sauce adds just enough body to balance the marinara's slightly acidic nature.

The only sore point in our visit was the meatball, a compacted mass of meat and bread crumbs. Completely tasteless and so compacted, I had to use a knife to slice the thing... that's right, not cut, but slice.


matt foucault said...

I just ordered Napolis Pizza last night.I ordered A large Meat lovers and A Greek salad. I did not receive any dressing for my salad and there was barely any feta cheese on it. I also did not receive any forks napkins. Ihad specifically asked for parmesan cheese and red peppers and I did not receive that either.
The girl who answered the phone sounded like some valley girl with no brains. We called back to complain and the manager was very cockey. He wouldn't offer us any compensation on our next order. So we told him to pick up our food. They showed up in five minutes to get our food. We told him never mind. I made my own dressing that was in my refrigerator. I am very dissapointed about how the manager treated the situation. I think the place is run by a bunch of high school kids.


January 25, 2006

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