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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bistro Moderne (Lunch) !!!

We went to Bistro Moderne the first week it opened for dinner. At the time, the manager told us they would eventually open for lunch. That night, we enjoyed our dinner in front of the bar overlooking the kitchen--separated by a glass that doesn't contain the shouts from Chef Philip Schmit to his assistants. Dinner tasted as delectable as the modern decadent decor.

Today, in celebration of a rare opportunity to have lunch with Rekha, we decided to try the long-promised lunch at Bistro Moderne. Located inside Hotel Derek at one of the busiest intersections, Westheimer and 610, you can get free valet parking by pulling up to the restaurant's modern entrance right past the hotel's entrance.

The menu is a nice combination of redone classics like hamburger or croque monsieur as well as high-end specialties like the cheese souffle (20 minute wait). I had the hanger steak with twice baked potato. The menu listed the item in french, "l'ongle de bouef au poivre," but this is Texas, and I feltl ridiculous trying to speak french to my Latin waiter. Rekha had the business lunch. Since I frankly don't know what soup she had or what her main dish consisted of, I won't comment on the taste there, but I do remember, it cost a very reasonable $20.

As for my hanger steak, the lunch crew cooked the meat perfectly--seared on the outside and perfectly reddish/pink on the inside. Placed inside a delectible liquid peppercorn sauce spiked with whole peppercorn, the meat didn't last long on the table.

Overall, the ambiance and quality of food make this lunch a well-deserved treat for friends or lovers. Check out what Robb Walsh has to say about this restaurant.


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