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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Corelli's (Sugar Land) !!

Corellli's Italian Cafe has a good lunch menu. Most dishes fall in the $9 range. I usually get one of two--the shrimp diablo or the chicken picata. Both share the excellent trait of coming with quality ingredients cooked perfectly. But between the Westheimer location and the Sugar Land location, the Sugar Land location wins hands down.

The shrimp diablo is prepared with a chunky tomato sauce infused with basil, red pepper flakes, mushrooms, oil, onion, and thinly sliced garlic. The sauce is used as a spicy dressing for the large plump shrimp (de-veined and cooked until just done) and the al dente linguini. I have had the shrimp diablo at Vincent's and Fred's and without doubt Corelli's Sugar Land is the best version--just be sure you eat it at the Sugar Land location, the Westheimer location slightly burns their shrimp and overstirs their sauce.


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