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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Friday Night saw us at the Keane concert. The first act didn't start until 7:30, so we had time for dinner. Since we all had big lunches, we opted for a slew of shared dishes. We tried the good-but-not-great calamari, the good antipasto misto, the doughy pizza, and the excellent pear and garganzola cheeze. If you're looking to make the show, Mingalones is a great place for a hurried meal. They even tell you which dishes are the quickest to make so that you won't miss the opening curtains. Now, if only they made their so-so Italian food excellent, they'd always stay busy.


Anonymous said...

I had the worst meal of my life at Mingalone. The waiter was inattentive. My drink had a fly in it and my wife's had a lipstick stain. The bread was impossible to crack. The food was bland and expensive for its quality. Because of the poor service, we left a meager tip. The waiter then followed us to the car to ask for more of a tip. I returned to the restaurant to tell the manager. He told me that we were lucky to be served because it is an important downtown restraunt. It was unbelieveable!

July 18, 2005

Huan said...

Bland is an excellent description for the food. Our waiter was also slow. Amazing considering the number of waiters there.

August 14, 2005

Anonymous said...

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