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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Chinese Cafe (Richmond) !

Sometimes, I get in the mood for traditional Chinese food with the smell of grease and peanut oil. When I'm those moods, nothing satisfies more than Chinese Cafe. And, yes, it's called "Chinese Cafe." Today we ordered the special fried rice, the Szechuan beef, pork with bamboo shoots, and dried bean curd with mustard green and soy bean. We ordered all of this for take-out. It took 10 minutes to drive home and the aromas/odors filled my car.

Once home, we opened the tightly packaged goodies and dumped them onto plates for service. For $27 we fed four people and everyone got second helpings. The pork in bamboo shoots had a nice, slightly spicy taste and nice richness from the oil. The bean curd came with very green, very fresh and just done mustard greens and soy beans. The fried rice did not have too much soy sauce and came with perfectly cooked shrimp. What a feast. Highly recommended.



Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the Chicken and Spinach with Shitake Mushrooms here. Have you tried their original location on Bellaire? It is much better in terms of food quality. On weekday lunch, for less than $5, you can get a lunc tray that includes a heaping amount of rice and 3-4 dishes. Yum!

October 11, 2005

Anonymous said...

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March 16, 2007


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