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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bijan Persian Grill

I had intended to take my friend Jim to Darband (a review for another time), but when we went by the shopping complex, all the lights were out and everyone was standing outside waiting for power to come back... except Babe's, which somehow managed to have electricity. So we wint to Bijan Persian Grill located a little closer to 59, but still on Hillcroft.

I first visited Bijan over a year ago, just when it had opened. It looked like one of the few clean restaurants on Hillcroft. It was and still is relatively clean. Unfortunately, they still seem to have kinks in their system. While we were there today, at least a couple orders others made had to be returned or were missing something.

We ordered at the counter. I was craving koobideh, a ground beef kebab. So I ordered some to go along with the tabouli and coke. I highly recommend skipping the soft drinks here: I've never had a good one in the four times I've visited. As for the koobideh, it came with two halved tomatoes grilled and tasted a little bland but otherwise satisfying. Next time, I'm going to go back and get what has impressed me before: chicken kebab and saffron rice with zereshk (dried barberries). The dish tastes good and reminds me of Negar, who kindly introduced me to the wonderful flavor. Hello Negar, Daisuke & Soraya! We miss you here in Houston.

What do I like most about Bijan? Fresh flat bread and hot Persian tea at the end of the meal.


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