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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Auntie Chang's Dumpling House (Delivery)

Let's be clear on this... I've never eaten INSIDE Auntie Chang's Dumpling House, I've only ordered take out. Tonight, like the last two times, I ate their food, I had the food delivered. I got home late, felt hungry and procrastinated for quite a while before deciding to order at Auntie Chang's. I first tried Kam's Chinese Restaurant on Montrose: they don't deliver. Then I tried Ming's Cafe on Montrose: they don't deliver either. I could have tried Montrose Chinese Restaurant, the one closest to my house, but decided against what Rekha has already proclaimed as bland Chinese food.

Last time we ordered their short ribs, hot and sour soup, and their pork in garlic sauce. We liked the ribs and hot and sour soup. This time, I ordered the Mongolian beef, hoping for something like the P.F. Chang Mongolian Beef. No such luck. The Mongolian beef tastes exactly like their pork in garlic sauce. Same gooey brown sauce drowning the meat in both dishes. It's so far away from Mongolian beef, I'm pretty upset they even call it by that name.

No matter, I thought the dumplings might save the day. They did not. The dumplings had been prepared far earlier in the day or maybe even earlier in the month or century. They then steamed the dumplings and achieved the impossible. They tricked my tongue into believing that the shrimp, pork, and chicken dumplings all had the same taste!

Don't get delivery from Auntie Chang's. Maybe eating in the restaurant is better. I don't know and I won't try unless someone is willing to foot the bill for the experiment. Can someone tell me the name of a good delivery Chinese restaurant in the Montrose area?


governor said...

I've been to Auntie Chang's twice... both times I've walked away disappointed by the service and mediocre food. So much so that I'm not sure how they stay in business. Perhaps it’s the view from the restaurant?

I was told by the waitress that the dumplings at Auntie Chang’s are prepared a day in advance and frozen until ordered. My understanding is that this practice is not uncommon due to the time-consuming effort it takes to make dumplings. However, the quality of the food is sub-par.

Kim Son’s has been good, but (so far) Mai’s is by far the best.

How is Ming's?

May 19, 2005

Huan said...

Hey Governor, you're the first comment on the site... wooohooo!!! Thank you!

It has been over a year since I've tried Ming's so I'm not sure its fair to give a review, but last time there, the food tasted overly seasoned with soy sauce.

For dumplings, I like the Kim Son at the Fountains, near Sugar Land. They serve their best dumplings on Saturday or Sunday, when they have dim sum.

Mai's is the best Vietnamese restaurant in and around Montrose/downtown. I understand that there used to be a dumpling place in the Parks Mall downtown that was pretty good. I haven't been there and don't even know if it's still open.

By the way, I can totally relate to your last entry.

May 19, 2005

governor said...

Did you get to check out the link for Thai Cottage? Looks like that person had a terrible experience!

May 20, 2005

Anonymous said...

My experience is that one of the worst dumplings in town is at Auntie Chang's.... opposite to their web site claiming the best in town... ttp://auntiechangs.com/... and yes, I heard the dumpling is handmade days in advance... can definitely taste the “fresh frozen" dumplings flavor...

July 19, 2005

Anonymous said...

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