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Friday, October 13, 2006

Gringaux's Seafood Kitchen

NOTES: I've been remiss in updating the past couple of weeks and in responding to comments on the posts. Family issues, but I'm back and have gone through and tried to respond to the comments, so go check out your comments in the previous posts.

12350 Southwest Fwy (Stafford)

Housed in a former Italian restaurant, this new place exudes a modernity and simplicity that contrasts with it's sister restaurant next door, Gringo's Mexican Kitchen. Gringaux's serves cajun food. I'm told the fish plates are pretty good, but $15 seems a little much for lunch. That's not to say I saved much money ordering seafood gumbo and a crawfish po-boy. But $15 with tip is my lunchtime limit and a $15 plate ruins that limit.

The gumbo was very good. It was a tiny bit thicker than some other gumbo, but I like my gumbo with some body! The seafood seemed pretty fresh. I even got an overcooked crab claw to pick at. For some reason, they don't have tabasco at the table: Lack of Tabasco at a cajun restaurant is a serious mistake in my book, but what do you expect from owners who cut their teeth on a Mexican restaurant.

The po-boy itself is rather good. The spiced mayo didn't overwhelm the flavors. The crawfish came nicely breaded and just cooked. Best of all, the bun was a bit chewy and very tasty. It tastes like the buns Three Brothers Bakery makes for some other restaurants in town. Somebody ask them where they get their bread. I want to find out if I'm right.


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