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Monday, September 04, 2006

Harry's Restaurant (Breakfast)

318 Tuam

Near the always popular and much discussed Breakfast Klub, is the much more discreet Harry's Restaurant. They used to be located in a shack of a building, but upgraded a year or two ago into this new stucco facade. I've tried this place for dinner before, but the informality and lack of customers makes dinner here much less interesting than the breakfast.

Today, before the Astros game, we had breakfast at Harry's Restaurant. We had fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, simple waffles and a surprisingly fresh and tasty set of pancakes (they call them hotcakes here). There really wasn't anything special about the breakfast, except the place is a heck of a lot more noisy and interesting than my kitchen counter. The one thing I can't accomplish in my kitchen is the the fresh squeezed orange juice that is a fantastic shade of orange.

What I've discovered about true breakfast places like Le Peep, Harry's, or my kitchen is that I'm much less interested in flavor and much more interested in ensuring that the food is hot off the grill and ensuring that company is lively. Harry's accomplishes both goals.


morton hurley said...

Two places where we have *really* enjoyed breakfast are Baby Barnaby’s (Montrose) and Dry Creek Café (Heights-ish). Otherwise, give me a doughnut from Shipley’s and strong coffee from Diedrich… and I’m golden for the morning.

September 06, 2006

Elizabeth said...

I've been to Harry's once about two years ago and it was absolutely awful. Perhaps they've changed management. Condsidering all the great places to have any kind of meal in Houston, I'll probably never go back to Harry's.

But...love your blog!! I will return here.

September 12, 2006

Huan said...

Thanks for the compliment. As I said, the dinner I had wasn't very good (I think awful is a pretty apt description), but I did enjoy the atmosphere of the breakfast. And when I eat breakfast, I'm not too concerned with taste because my tastebuds are usually not awake yet.

September 13, 2006

anonymouseater said...

It is not bad for lunch when they have a lot of turnover and the steamtable dishes don't sit for too long. The Greek dishes, like roast lamb, are the best. It reminds me of a smaller scale version of Cleburne's Cafeteria, but more pricey than you might expect.

September 14, 2006


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