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Sunday, July 30, 2006

McCain's Market

550 Heights Blvd.

McCain's Market is a great concept that might one day grow into a great market. But for now, come support this family's quest to serve local foodies with fresh fish, meat and grocery.

The space is small, and a significant portion is devoted to eating their fresh made sandwiches. But the sign out front says "market" so they carry a number of interesting dried pastas, oils and vinegars. They also carry what looks to be good meat and fish. I had expected an abundance of farm eggs, garden herbs and vegetables, and maybe even some local condiments. It wasn't there. What they have looks good, but there ain't much of it.

So on to what we tried.... You sort of custom make your sandwiches here. You order whatever suits your fancy and they put the ingredients on top of Kraftsman bread. It's pretty hard to go wrong with the sandwich since you picked all the ingredients. We also tried an interesting (but not tasty) summer soup of cold peach and mango. It had a cinnamon flavor that really interfered with our enjoyment of the bowl.

I really don't want to say anything bad about this place. It's not really as good as many other local grocers I've gone to in other cities (not enough goods), but Houstonians should support endeavors like this one. So I'll be back, buy more stuff, and ask that they stock stuff like farm eggs. You should do the same.


Anonymous said...

I shopped McCain's Market this week and was surprised by excellent coffee, freshly made spinach wrap oozing great vegetables, and friendly service.
Haven't yet tried the brownie and cookie mix, but the fresh salmon is delicious!

March 10, 2007

Anonymous said...

any idea of their hours?

April 22, 2007


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