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Friday, June 02, 2006

Kim Son Buffet

Just outside the Beltway on Bellaire sits this huge new Kim Son. We had the $15 per head dinner buffett here. It's a great buffet for lunch, but lacks quality for dinner--though it did have some imagination. Seafood heavy, the restaurant has some good points.

Try the congee. Flavorful, but thin, it's a nice little starter for a buffet. Then get the banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe). They put a little bit of coconut milk in the batter so it has a delicate sweetness that contrasts with the egg, bean sprouts, shrimp and other goodness in this fried delicacy. For dinner, the other food is satisfying, if a little low on quality. But what do you expect for a buffet?

If you've eaten at China Bear, you know what this restaurant is all about. It has a Vietnamese take on food and Haagen Daz on the menu: maybe justifying the higher price. So try this place for lunch when you're hungry and just want a lot of food. Avoid it for dinner.



Blogger Shafty said...

Probably not the highlight of Asian cuisine, but I think that Kim Son makes some of the very best egg rolls out there.

June 06, 2006

Blogger Huan said...

Mmm... egg-rolls. Yeah, I do like their Vietnamese egg-rolls. Sometimes, they use old oil or oil that isn't hot enough, spoiling the fun, but I love it when it's perfectly crisp outside.

June 06, 2006

Anonymous MM said...

i would also like to add in lam bo on westheimer since u mention china bear, i havnt been there awhile but big variety selection and same price maybe bit cheaper than china bear

June 23, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never go this palace again. Everything was aweful, according to its price.

September 02, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dim Sum is no better than any other place in HTX. However, the last time I went the waitress gave my debit card to Jenny Ngo and gave me Jenny's card. The waitress gave me the card back wrapped in the customer receipt so I did not notice that I was given the wrong card until later that same day. Well Jenny, who has the same last name as the waitress, decided that she would buy lunch for her and all of her friends on my behalf.

When I noticed that I did not have my card ,I immediately called my bank and found out that there had been fraudulant charges made. I then called Kim Son to ask them to void the charge and I was told "sure sure we will void it" but I was never asked for a ticket number or anything. When asked If they might need this information I was hung up on.

Based off this I will never return and I suggest the same to you."

January 26, 2009


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