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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gravitas Revisited

807 Taft
Houston, Texas

I've reviewed Gravits before. Last time I complained about saltiness and a mediocre chocolate dessert. This time, I'd like to herald the saltiness and congratulate the pastry chef on the Chocolate Decadence.

It was busy this time. Saturday and beautiful (but a more mature crowd) filled the room. The chalkboard was covered in wines and the place had a nice buzz. The patio was open and the bar menu was ready. A great start to a good meal. Rekha again went with the soup and salad. I think it was the warm spinach salad with egg and bacon. Tasty and nicely salted by the bacon. She also had a tasty french onion soup that provided a nice modern take on a classic. The french onion soup taste was there, but they changed the texture to make it more of a puree.

I had the grilled fish on a a bed of green beans. Very tasty. Crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside and flavorful throughout. Again, more bacon to salt the sauce, but this time my lips didn't pucker.

We finished with a flourish. The chocolate decadence reminds me of the chocolate lava cake at Bank, but again, with changed consistency. It was more like a compacted souffle (not in a bad sense) than a chocolate lava cake. Quite tasty. I'm going to have to order my own rather than share next time... And next time will be soon.

Bravo Gould and Tice.

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