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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Boudreaux Cajun Kitchen

5475 West Loop S

As a tribute to our New Orleans neighbors (quite literally neighbors now), we wanted to have some Cajun food. Except that we didn't want to pay Brennan's or Pappadeaux prices, so we opted for Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen. It's a chain, but you can forgive them for that sin given their prices.

We had a bowl of gumbo, blackened catfish, and a large Greek salad for $25. The blackened catfish came freshly grilled with the appropriate amount of spice globbed on. It came on a bed of dirty rice that tasted dirty--just the way I like it. The gumbo? We had the shrimp gumbo that came with succulent shrimp and a broth that tasted spicy and deep. I actually prefer the gumbo here at Boudreaux compared to the slightly bitter Pappadeaux version. Rekha's Greek salad didn't hold a candle to the Pappadeaux version, but it was an acceptable less expensive salad.

If you're looking for some good and inexpensive cajun food, give this place a shot. It offers up fresh cooked food in a clean pleasant environment.

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